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    John Scalzi gets it.

    right on the fucking nail

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    Warning: this opinion is about rape

    Hello, tumblr. My name is Jack. I’m 17 years old. As you can tell by my name, I’m a guy. And last year, I was raped by my older male neighbor. I’d put my tumblr URL here, but I’ve received some disturbing and frankly borderline triggering messages in regards to my rape, so I’d rather not risk it. I hope you understand.

    Introductions aside…

    When I first went through my rape, all the supportive posts on tumblr about male rape victims was very comforting. I’m glad people acknowledged that guys could be raped and that they matter.


    I eventually had much more bitter feelings towards these posts when I noticed a certain trend with them: almost all of them belittled female rape victims in some way.

    Just because someone is talking about girls/women getting raped doesn’t mean you need to derail it with “guys get raped too!”. As long as nobody is denying that fact, it’s unnecessary. Not every conversation about rape has to include all demographics of rape victims. There can be posts about male rape victims only, and there can also be posts about female rape victims only. 

    It seems like people also act like female rape victims have it soooo easy and should just shut the fuck up, because male rape victims have it harder. A lot of women in my life including my friends and my sister have been raped, and it isn’t any easier for them. They still are told they deserved it, not given the legal attention they deserve, and accused of being liars and bitter sluts. That doesn’t sound easy to me. Male rape victims deal with a unique stigma as well (as in, some people don’t even believe we can get raped, which sucks) but that doesn’t mean it’s much easier for the ladies.

    And another thing, why can’t tumblr have one nice photoset or post about male rape victims without some dumbass commenting “Because they’re men, nobody will care” or “This won’t get nearly as many notes as the female version”? Uh, shut the fuck up? You’re ruining the powerful message behind the post. And also, rape isn’t a fucking contest.

    This not only pisses me off because I care about women and female rape victims, but it also pisses me off because I get the impression these people don’t actually give a shit about male rape victims at all. They only seem to use us as a prop in arguments to derail discussions of feminism, female victims, etc. by using a vulnerable group who has been through a horrible trauma. How sick is that?

    While it’s important to spread awareness of other types of rapes besides male on female, there’s way to do so without derailing or talking over other victims.

    So, as a tl;dr to this opinion: if the only time you talk about male rape victims is in some way to downplay or belittle women getting raped, then fuck you. You are a piece of shit, nothing more.

    We deserve to be mentioned in our own posts rather than in derailment, and women who have been deserve a chance to talk about their experience without someone derailing saying men can get raped too when nobody was denying that fact. Fuck. You.

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    On the pretext of preventing or delay weight when the body is more responsive, i.e. when you can control a being completely; mind,body and spirit. You can direct chubby/fat slim and thin children into their respective weight roles.

    In the ‘obesity’ construct fat people are never really permitted…

  4. Dress from Lucie Lu. Leggings from Chubby Cartwheels.

  5. Philly

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    Torrid dress

    please go read some fashion mags

    i cant even look at this cord

    Hey there.  Why don’t you go finish up your middle school homework, and while you’re at it, ask your teacher to show you how to write a understandable sentence, ok?  Bye bye now.


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    boys will be bo-“

    *flies in* 

    *punches you in the face*


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  9. "After reading a lot here, I understood that food-policing yourself in front of others makes them feel judged. If you judge yourself in front of them, they conclude you monitor and judge their eating, too (among other things). Plus, it ruins the enjoyment for everyone."
    — An anon submitter to TITP, who hits the nail on the head. [x] (via lovethyfatness)

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  10. Torrid dress

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    ya girl was feeling herself so i got caught up taking pics in my fatkini. also thighs~~~

    Omg so amazing.

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  12. Obesity in the 1950s © Martha Holmes

    the turnstile photo gives me feelings.

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    now that it’s warmer i can finally wear shorts and offend people with my natural body hair

    I have never laughed so hard in my life.

    Fucking. Shave.

    fucking shave your negativity(:

    sophia slayin it

    I saw this comment right

    So I clicked on their blog and..

    I don’t even know where to begin oh my

    I’m not going to tell her to shave or wax, but I will say I don’t find her legs to be attractive with that much hair.  If she doesn’t want people commenting honestly on her appearance, she probably shouldn’t be posting selfies on tumblr.  Stick to facebook if all you want is smoke blown up your ass by your friends.

    I shave my face because my wife has told me she doesn’t like it when I don’t shave.  We change our appearance to suit the expectations of those we want to find us attractive.  If you don’t care about people on tumblr finding you attractive, good for you.  In that case, you shouldn’t care if they express negative opinions about your appearance either.

    "Dont find it attractive"

    It’s almost as if you’re missing the glaring, huge point that it’s not our job to make sure we’re appealing to your dick. 99.9% of men, cis and trans don’t give a hit fuck and a half what we think about their appearance and you can’t wrap your mind around the fact that it can work that way in reverse”

    Can you step outside of yourself for a second? And by yourself I mean your dick?

    Stepping outside of my tardis-like penis, which is obviously bigger on the inside, since I am obviously not going to ever meet you nor do I sleep around on my wife, for whom I shave my face so I don’t get her scratched up when I kiss her… my dick has no interest in you and you still have legs that are hairier than mine.

    If you didn’t care what other people though about your appearance, you wouldn’t be posting pictures of yourself on a social media site.  I don’t post selfies for the simple reason that I actually don’t care what people think of my appearance, to my wife’s dismay I might add.  And I’m old, fat and ugly as a bowl of ass and I don’t want to hear about it.

    I don’t care if you shave your legs or not, it’s no skin off my nose.  I’m just saying that you and other women who choose not to shave shouldn’t demand that men find you attractive and complain about social programming if they don’t.  And you shouldn’t post a picture of yourself and expect only positive comments.

    And you have very pretty eyes.

    ….who are you talking to? I dont post my photo on social media sites. You’ve never seen me. You are ridiculously mixed up, my friend.

    My selfies don’t go on the internet. And I care about how I look— for ME.

    Oh… you’re white knighting.  Sorry, that confused me.

    So… I don’t like hairy legs on women.  I don’t find that attractive.  I also don’t find them attractive on men, but then there is little a man can do to his legs that would tempt me.  This is a personal opinion and does not reflect the official views of this station.  Thank you for listening.

    "White knighting"

    I’m not a man either. I know my blog and language is masculine-coded to some people but I am cis and I am a woman. So you can maybe not try and strawman me, thanks.

    People like you need to understand that every time you use this term, you shoot yourself in the foot. You’re not only tacitly admittnig to attacking someone simple because they are a woman who’s stepped out of line but you have a term to shame other men for not backing you up? That you’re telling us the only reason a man would ever speak up for a woman is because you’re all dickwolves with ulterior motives who see us as nothing but sex objects who must be manipulated into putting out?

    Now, thing is— nobody cares what your dick thinks. The point is that you’re free to think hair legs are attractive or not. The problem is you thinking you can use what your dick likes to police the appearance of other people. Men like you dont do this to other men. only women. Only the ones you don’t think are being “Proper”.

    Listen to yourself. Seriously. And not all heterosexual men think body hair is unattractive. Not by a longshot. So why the fuck are you policing her body via YOUR aesthetic tastes?

    Oh, right, you think you’re entitled to do so because women’s body’s are public property and you believe everything we do that concerns our benefit is for the visual pleasure of men. I keep forgetting.

    You don’t even know if OP prefers men but you think it’s reasonable for you to whip her back in line and make sure she stays appealing to you, don’t you?


    Who says I’m whipping anyone into line?  I’m expressing an opinion for fuck’s sake?  And who the hell said that women can’t white knight?  When did I say I thought you were a man?  Obviously since I thought you were the OP I didn’t think you were a man then?

    I can express my opinion.



    Oh, we’re to the “Sacred Opinion” part of things. I forgot I was dealing with a Neckbeard brony type who can do no wrong and there’s an excuse for damned near everything.

    Opinions != Justification to attack and police people.

    And guess what.


    Carry on.

    I’m enjoying the shit out of that last opinion.


  14. "

    It is difficult to be sat on all day, every day, by some other creature, without forming an opinion on them.

    On the other hand, it is perfectly possible to sit all day, every day, on top of another creature and not have the slightest thought about them whatsoever.


    Douglas Adams

    this quote was literally in my sociology book 

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    Fuck i’m crying now

    So my mother was up to her usual shit; calling me useless and entitled. Saying that I’m no longer allowed in the bathroom with a shower and I need to clean the other one by noon tomorrow morning or else keep in mind it hasn’t worked in 3 years.

    I was hiding in my bedroom while my parents argued over who’s fault I was when my sister came in. She walked up to me and opened up her fist revealing a rainbow popsicle ‘best friends’ necklace. She thrust it into my hand and whispered that she wanted me to have it. 

    "because it’s a popsicle?" I asked

    "no silly because it’s a rainbow. I know- I mean- I thought you’d like it." 

    She then winked and told me that I no longer needed to worry about cleaning the bathroom because she had spent the past hour doing it for me. 

    This seems so petty and small until you realize that for the past two years my parents have been doing their darnest to get rid of me. My sister will admit that I’ve always been the scapegoat but since I came out it seems their attacks are more pointed. 

    My sister is 11. She has grown up in a homophobic home and listened to my parents bitch about “those damn gays” her entire life. A couple months ago I came out to her and told her the reason our parents have been threatening to kick me out or send me away. I explained that sometimes gay girls and gay boys are even beaten up by people, just because of who they love. 

    I cannot express how much her support means to me; perhaps I am not the one who’s wrong. If an 11 year old who has been taught nothing but hate, perhaps there is hope for the future. 

    If you dont fucking reblog this I hope you get thrown off a cliff into a pool of fucking legos.

    Now an 11 year old who has grown up in that household, it’s a blessing that she learnt the opposite.

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