1. It haunts your dreams.

  2. "The devils all around us"  I did this b/c… wieners.  

    :D  It makes me laugh!  If you can’t enjoy your own art, what good is it?

  3. "My violent delight"


  4. Anonymous said: You are so pretty but I wish you were a bit skinnier :/




  5. The first set of stories of fat people and how they are treated in their families. (Spoiler- it’s not great.)

    I’m taking stories to publish further, so if you’d like to send me one, there’s a contact link.  I’ll keep you anon and comments are moderated, so only supportive comments are allowed. 

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    Nicki Minaj shining a light on the differences on acceptable sexuality from white women and black women.

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  9. 'The devils all around us'

    (B/c it makes me laugh.)

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    YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

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    Information and communications technologies have improved living standards around the world. But the increased amount of time that people devote to using computers, watching TV and playing video games- so-called “screen time” -is a significant factor in the global rise of obesity. 

    The human and economic cost for the increasing weight of the world is high. Obesity in particular, and being overweight in general , are triggers for disability and many chronic diseases, with obesity being the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. In the United States, the medical-cost burden due to obesity climbed to 9.1 percent of annual medical spending in 2006, from 6.5 percent in 1998.

    To find out more about this phenomenon, check out the Waistlines of the World: The Effect of Information and Communications Technology on Obesity report. 

    Did you produce this pointless shite whilst sitting at a desk?

    HELLO!  Here are some bullshit numbers!  I won’t explain where they come from but I WILL tell you that these TOTALLY TRUE I SWEAR numbers mean FAT PEOPLE WILL ALL DIE AND KILL YOUR FAMILIES ARRRGHHH RUN!

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    Act 1 Scene 1

  13. Drunky face and my baby!


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    My favourite part in Order of the Phoenix is when Harry and Sirius are playing hide and seek in the Ministry and Sirius is being silly behind the veil then he jumps out at Harry like “Haha found you!” and then they laugh and high five and go out for ice cream at Fortescue’s.


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  15. I made you a mixtape!